Looking for answers on questions regarding how to integrate technology in the classroom? Below are some of the most common questions we’re asked. If you have a specific question about your school’s technology program, contact us today get in touch with one of our experienced education technology consultants.

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I already have some technology in place. Can you work with what I’ve got?

While each school’s situation is different, we do try our best to work with a given structure because we understand budgets are tight and time is money. Our goal is to take what you have in place and expand upon it to achieve your technology goals. However, there may be some cases where the existing infrastructure won’t successfully support such an expansion, and we need to develop a more ground-up solution. Either way, we work to design a plan that not only works now but will grow with you into the future.

How much would an one to one iPad program cost?

It depends. We know, don’t you just love that answer? But really, it does. It depends on what technology you already have in place, on how many tablets you need, on whether you lease or purchase the iPads, on whether you pass the cost along to the students, on how much on going maintenance you’ll need, on what software and programs you’ll use. And that’s just the beginning. As we work with you, we’ll go through all these questions to decide what’s best for your school. We’ll vet the vendors who will meet your needs and only recommend those we feel would be best for your school.

Other questions?

Have other specific questions about how to integrate technology in the classroom for your school? Contact us today for a FREE consultation with one of our education technology consultants.


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