Student and Teacher Using iPad in Science Class

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How to Integrate Technology into the Classroom

You’ve heard about iPads for textbooks. You’ve seen smart boards and wireless presentations. You’ve thought about virtual learning. But how would that work in your school? Could it work?

At i21education, we know how to integrate technology into the classroom and make it work. We understand the technology, security, and infrastructure upgrades needed to take your school into the 21st century. From iPads for textbooks to wireless systems, we have experience in how to integrate technology into the classroom.

We know you’ve got the teaching down. But if you’re unsure of how to integrate technology into the classroom and become a modern technological school, let us be your partner and guide you through the process. Our education technology consultants have experience installing and integrating the following systems:

  • Security systems
  • Cameras
  • Burglar
  • Access control
  • CCTV
  • Fire
  • Network
  • Wireless and WiFi
  • PA
  • Telephones
  • VOIP


We’ve done the research to know what works.  We’ve got the experience to know how to successfully integrate technology into the classroom for your school. Let us unleash your potential.

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Education IT Technology Directors

Implementing an iPad program is more than just about choosing the tablet. Let us help architect a plan that will integrate all the technology aspects for long-term success.

Technology School Principals

Move your school from 18th century education to 21st century renaissance. We understand the benefits, challenges, and integration needs facing your school.

Teachers Using Technology in the Classroom

As the catalyst for learning, teachers should feel empowered to integrate technology into the classroom and understand the most effective methods of its use.