Security Options

A good security and safety system will enhance any environment and only be noticed when needed.
A poor or no security system will impede the operation of any operation and invite crime.

At i21education, we understand the critical need for security in schools. With your guidance, we will discuss and implement a system in your school that considers the following issues:

  • To what extent are the goals and objectives of the school affected by the security and safety of the environment? Are the assets and people affected by the security and safety measures employed?
  • To what extent and at what risk are those goals at risk, because of the lack of security and safety measures?
  • What are the best possible security and safety measures that could be employed?  To what extent do the governors of the school consider they should be employed, taking into account the following considerations:
    • Impact on the goals of the school in allowing or hindering the achieving of the goals
    • Practical possibilities of what can and cannot be employed, considering all conditions
    • Legal and other consequences of employing any given option
    • Cost to risk ratio of employing any given option

We aim to achieve the goals of each school while taking the most prudent measures to secure the safety of its students, staff, assets, vendors, visitors, parents/guardians, and reputation.

All security measures we recommend will preserve the integrity of the school and organization. We will look at immediate needs and changes that can be made overtime. Often immediate needs include securing all borders, identifying friendlies, quickly intercepting intruders, and alarming all necessary personnel to stop incidents and avoid any future ones.

For a free consultation with one of our security consultants to architect the best security solution for your school, contact us.

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